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100% Dragonskin brand platinum silicone tail with power mesh re-enforcement: $1700

-Tails are custom made to your measurements.

-Mermen are welcome!

This includes 3 or fewer basic colors in the design of your choice. There are currently 3 fluke designs to choose from: Classic, Fantasy, & Shell

- The Classic & Shell can be made with either a Finis Trainer or Special Fins Dolphin monofin

-The Fantasy style is made with the Mahina Merfin monofin

Additional options:

Small fins (hip, side, ankle): $75

Dorsal fin: $100 Glitter topcoat: $50

Glow in the Dark or florescent highlights: $50 - this is not to cover the whole body of the tail, rather edges, spots, etc.

Blended waist: $75

Payments plans are available. Materials are bought at 50% payment. Work begins at 75%. Shipment at 100% plus actual shipping costs.

Please note that these are custom made and therefore non-refundable.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any additional questions!